My new community

As well as driving me from Liverpool to Southampton with a minibus seriously over-laden with my "bits + pieces", Bro. Francis, (my new community Superior who had also been my Superior in Liverpool until his retirement 5 years ago) did all he could to help me get my new room ready in Southampton for me to set it up as I wished. We didn't arrive till about 6.30 p.m. and Bro. Gus had supper ready, but straight afterwards we set about roughly laying a piece of carpet to cover a worn area, pinching a spare teacher's desk from the school for use in my bedroom (easier said than done), shifting in free-standing shelving, moving the bed round, etc... all this for someone in his early 70s who'd had a hip replacement in Feb. But Francis was never one to put off till tomorrow what could be done today. I then managed to empty the minibus of all my numerous boxes and other belongings (musical instruments, bike gear, etc...) before going to bed in the early hours.

By the end of the following day and after hours of carrying stuff up and down stairs, emptying those boxes, filling shelves, etc... my new room felt like it was mine. The following day it was off to France by car via Brittany Ferries to drive down to the Pyrénées (where I am now) to go camping, hiking + cycling with fellow (French) Brothers. My idea of a restful holiday... must be mad!

More on that later...

Bro. Francis....

.... + Bro. Gus, Christmas in the Southampton community a couple of years ago.

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