Some good advice for the Triduum from Bible Geek (Mark Hart)

Over at Bible Geek has given sound advice for us to get more out of this year's Holy Week readings:
When it comes to Palm Sunday and Holy Week, in general, most people operate from memory when it comes to the Passion. That is to say that many people “know the gist” of the story, but fail to really enter into it, spiritually.

Many of you reading this have heard the Passion account dozens of times (if not more). But when was the last time you sat down and read it? Normally, for most of us, we hear it proclaimed (which is very important) but we don’t really read it as part of our own prayer.

This year, try something different.

Sit down and read through the different Passion accounts from the different evangelists. Note the differences. Pay attention to the verb choices, adjectives, characters and details of each gospel.

Nothing is there by accident. Every word you read and every verse you pray was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I promise you that if you do this your Holy Week will be blessed and your Easter will be far more joy-filled. Take a chance on the Scriptures; they won’t let you down.

Salvation Given:
“Therefore, I will always remind you of these things, even though you already know them and are established in the truth you have.” - 2 Peter 1:12

It took a passionate love to die for you.
It takes a passionate love to live for Him. - for Catholic Teenagers
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