"Into The Wild", directed by Sean Penn - a marvellous film

Last week I saw a film that has leaped up into my Top 30 of all-time (I have a list of about 120 in a Facebook application): "Into The Wild". It's based on the real-life story of Christopher McCandless and the book written about him by John Krakauer. McCandless was a bright, young, sociable American middle-class University graduate who turned his back on a world he no longer felt part of and parents who had deceived him, gave away his savings to OXFAM and set out on foot from West Virginia to Alaska. The film tells his (+ his family's) story: the encounters he makes on the way, his reasons for doing this, his arrival and stay in the wilds of Alaska.

Brilliant direction by Sean Penn (a truly gifted film-maker), beautifully filmed and acted... a film that contains magic moments of visual and emotional poetry that have stayed with me since.

See here for a detailed, appreciative New York Times review.

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