I offer this day - a prayer

A lovely prayer by one of my French confrères:

I offer this day

To be a Christian is to recognise that I am a son or daughter of the Father,

Brother or sister of the Beloved Son and dwelling place of the Spirit.

Every morning, I can show this by receiving each day as a gift, a grace,

As a path to walk with brothers and sisters who have been given to me,

As a task to accomplish with others for the good of all .

God, my Creator and Father, good morning and thank you for this day given to me out of love ;

Jesus, my Brother and my companion on the way, be at my side throughout this day ;

Holy Spirit, closer to me than I am to myself,

Inspire all of what I say and do…

I can go over in my mind the plans I have for today,

The contacts that I will make, the people with whom I will live…

I am ready to welcome all that I cannot foresee…

Like the rhythm of my breathing, my day is made up of two impulses :

To give and to receive ; to welcome (or gather in) and to be sent out to others…

Bro. Jean-Yves Hamon (Landerneau, France)

Retreat Landévennec 0209 - 03

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