Fr. Des Power’s 80th birthday celebrations

Fr. Des Power in the middle with friends Jim Forsey (left) and his brother Leo (right)

On Sat. March 7th I attended the birthday celebrations of Fr. Des Power together with Bro. Peter and Bro. Ed. Des is a diocesan priest who used to be at one point a De La Mennais Brother. He retired from full-time ministry a few years ago and willingly helps us out in school with our Masses and other liturgies. His brother Joe is still a Brother in our order and has spent most of his active life lecturing at a De La Mennais Brothers university in America: Walsh College, Canton, Ohio.

Des will occasionally drop by at our community house of an evening to join us for Evening Prayer and a bite to eat, then helping Bro. Ed with the cryptic crossword. He’s a great raconteur, an all-round lovely guy and a pleasure to be with.

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