Yr. 7 fund-rasing for Haiti

At the request of us Brothers, Miss Staunton (Head of Year 7 at our Liverpool school, St. Francis Xavier's College) has agreed that fund-raising carried out by Year 7 pupils (11-12 years old) this year will go towards helping the relief efforts in Haiti in the aftermath of the Caribbean country suffering the devastating effects of 3 hurricanes and a tropical storm in quick succession during the summer. The worst effects were due to severe flooding and mud slides down hillsides. These areas have had most of their trees cut down to make paper by big international companies. Without the trees, any heavy rainfall quickly becomes a mudslide. Officially, 793 people died (466 in the city of Gonaives alone) as a result of the storms and the bodies of over 300 others are still missing.

The De La Mennais Brothers have many schools and about 45 Brothers in Haiti (with the majority native Haitians). I did some of my studies with a Haitian Brother in France who is now the Head Teacher of a primary school back in Haiti. His parents lived in Gonaives. Their house was destroyed, but fortunately they were away visiting relatives in the USA at the time. The Brothers’ secondary school in the capital Port-au-Prince has been used as a base for the work of relief agencies in helping to distribute supplies, medicines, etc… The English Brothers have already sent a donation to Haiti and we have told the Brothers there that our youngest pupils will be collecting for them throughout the year. They were truly delighted to hear this. Their efforts can make will really make a difference in helping to rebuild peoples’ lives.

This is an example of traditional Haitian art and shows just how much of a paradise Haiti could be.

These photos taken by some of our Brothers in Haiti will give you some idea of the devastation.

A Brother wading through the mud.

One of our schools.

Families having to sleep in a classroom.

Mass celebrated for the refugees in the school.
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