A New De La Mennais Brothers Website and Magazine

The religious order that I belong to, the De La Mennais Brothers (with Brothers in 24 countries worldwide), has a new central website:

For the moment most of the website is just in French, but it will soon be available in both English and Spanish versions. For the more inquisitive, there are some documents available for download in English, especially the new, colourful version of the Brothers’ worldwide bulletin, “La Mennais Magazine” (download it as a .pdf file here). It has a variety of articles and photos showing what is going on in De La Mennais Brothers’ schools, communities and youth movements around the world. You may even spot one or two familiar faces inside!

Anyone (parents, staff, pupils) who is interested in taking out a yearly subscription for the magazine (£10 for four issues, plus the first one FREE) can contact me (Bro. James) in the Chaplaincy - perhaps with a short letter from a parent/guardian in the case of a pupil - or leave me a message in my staffroom tray and I will give you a subscription form (or send me a message at bro_james@blueyonder.co.uk). When this is returned with payment, you will then get the first copy free.

See http://www.brojames.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk for further information about the Brothers (in English) and lots more besides.
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