Uganda 08 photos by Andy R. - part 2

(I've re-published this post as I left some great photos out first time round)

Some more pics from Andy:

Andy R. + friend at Kasasa.

The wonderful children at the orphanage near Kasasa.

Sophie + friend (we made lots of friends! :-)

Who'd be friends with this lot?? Exporting "hoodie" culture to Uganda!

Ibanda Babies Home.

The view back down across one of the very poor neighbourhoods in Kampala that we drove through to get to the Brothers' school at Kabojja.

Musicians and dancers during the entertainment laid on for us as Rubaga.

Sean with one of the Ugandan Brothers the night before our return journey home.

Matthew keeping an eye on us whilst asleep (he really was!) during the flight back. Spooky!


And with the Ugandan children centre stage we finish our account of this year's Ugandan adventure. I will maybe post some more video clips from the trip however in a few weeks time, as I will soon start editing the 5 hrs+ of footage from the trip. This is next on my list of "big jobs".

But, in the meantime I'll still be posting as usual here on a variety of topics, so please do still drop by occasionally and if you feel like it leave a comment.
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