Uganda 08 diary - Day 14: part 3

Later on during our last day in Ibanda, Bro. Vincent (the Ugandan Provincial who had come to meet us in his home town) took us to visit his mother and other members of his family. Even as a Brother, he still has an important role to play in his family as eldest son, adviser, settler of disputes, etc...

Bro. Michel with Bro. Vincent, his mother (centre front) and other members of his family).

The main street in Ibanda.

A frequent scene throughout Uganda (and also Togo, visited last year) - bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes by the dozen.

The evening's festivities began with an invitation to a scout jamboree led by members of the school's scout group. A bit like the campfire fun and games at Kasasa, we were entertained by dances, songs, sketches, etc...

Team Win! members in borrowed scouting gear.

And finally... back at the Brothers' community they were waiting to offer us a farewell party with an abundance of food and drink (as you can see below... the drink, at least!).

As it was also my feast day (the feast of St. James the apostle, brother of John), they made a bit of an extra fuss of me... I wasn't complaining, though I did have to conduct a little sing-song.

A presentation from Bro. George, the Head Teacher of the school.

Party on, dude!

Dance floor destruction led by Abba fan Sean, of course!

Bro. Francis showing off his moves. Kathryn is impressed :-)

The inevitable Conga.

A few beers and you lose all inhibitions!

Nick "gegging" in on a photo (by accident, he assured me).
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