Uganda 08 diary - Day 9 part 2: Lake Mburo National Park

So we set off for Ibanda, taking in Lake Mburo national Park on the way: a massive nature reserve by our European standards, but still much smaller than the Queen Elizabeth National Park further east, which has lions and tigers as well as many other large mammals.

This was where we had to pay to get in.

We saw lots of different varieties of antelope, including these large ones with their impressive horns. We even saw 2 males lock horns at ones point in a short-lived trial of strength, interrupted when they realised we were observing them from about 50 yrds. away. Their bodies remained side on to us as they both turned their heads to look at us, as if to say, "Would you mind leaving us alone so we can get on with this in peace, please?"

Also lots of beautiful-looking, graceful impala.

And here a fine example of the pink skinned scouser, the one at the front proudly displaying his bushy mane.

Lake Mburo itself. We were not lucky enough to see any hungry hungry hippos.

But we did see plenty of zebras.

And even a couple of moody-looking buffalo. Other animals seen but not shown in the photos included a large number of fast-running wild boar, a large family of baboons semi-camouflaged by the long grass and a few smaller monkeys (plenty of photos of them to come in the days ahead).

We encountered this herd of cattle on our way out of the park. Just love those horns.

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