Uganda 08 diary - Day 12: hiking, football + more

As it was a Saturday, we were able to spend more time with the local youngsters (who were in school Monday to Friday) and the Brothers. We ended up having a busy, fun-filled day.

Bro. Adolf with some of the pupils.

To start with, a group led by Bro. Adolf took us for a morning hike up one of the large nearby hills.

And off we went...

... with the more "frisky" amongst us (inc. Bro. Francis!!) striding off at the front, leaving a trail of people half the way down the hill.

A breather and photo call before being led up onto the ridge and down the other side into some VERY thick, thorny undergrowth.

Spoil sport that I am, I called a halt to this decent down the otherside of the hill, asking our guides to take us back. We had already been hiking a good while, and the undergrowth was so thick that someone was bound to trip at one point, or encounter a snake or something. Plus we would have had to climb all the way back up. Anyway, no-one seemed to complain at my suggestion.

Aaaaah, bless!

On our way back down.

In the afternoon we were taken by one of the Brothers of the Ibanda community to visit a local primary school.

Something that struck us everywhere we went in Uganda was the lack of facilities for cooking and this school was no exception. We were amazed at how people cope, but then we are maybe too used to our shiny Ikea kitchens with all their mod cons to realise that what we think is essential is actually far from it. More a question of comfort than need.

Smiling happy faces, another typical feature of our trip. People who aspire to much more, but who are at the same time happy as they are with so much less than we have... and are we happy?

Back at base, another early evening encounter with a year group from the school...

... followed by our last big footie match of the tour: a glorious 2-0 victory for Team Win! (with a few honourary "ringers"), with a goal from our own Andy/'Rolo'.

The Ibanda team in the Liverpool FC training kits donated by the club.

Another evening choir rehearsal, this time for the Sunday Mass: Lord I Lift Your Name On High.

The Choir director (a pupil) asked Rolo + Simon to help with the conducting for the items we were teaching them... "didn't they do well!!" as Brucie would say :-).
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