Uganda 08 diary - Day 11: Ibanda orphanage

After having paid a brief visit to the orphanage the day before to test the water, we then came back to have a morning of activities with the children: songs + dances, arts + crafts, ball games, etc... Our group acquitted themselves tremendously with children who were obviously well looked after by the Sisters and their staff, but were nonetheless very needy in terms of affection and emotional needs. Here's a series of photos from the time we spent with them:

All of us were deeply moved by the time we spent in this orphanage and by the spontaneous love and affection shown to us by these children, who were in many cases still lucky to be still alive and cared for so well. It was hard to leave them behind us when it was time to go.

A photo of our loyal friend and driver, John.

Chillin' out back at base in the Brothers' lounge at Ibanda.

Food, glorious food! By this time my appetite was starting to get back to normal after my "incident" at Kasasa. A few people (most notably Simon) were having the occasional bout of dicky tum but thankfully nothing too serious.
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