Uganda 08 diary - Day 10 (supplemental - that's Star Trek speak... sorry!)

On Day 10 we were also invited to join in a training match for the school football team that was (like the team at Kasasa) preparing to take part in a national De La Mennais Brothers' schools football tournament. The training session involved warm up activities and an informal match with mixed sides.

However, the curiosity value of seeing their visitors playing football brought out a large number of spectators, as you can see! They were provided with extra entertainment thanks to the antics of Simon T. and Andrew D., during the warm-up + warm-down (some comical stretching exercises), as well as during the match itself, eg. when Simon ('keeper) dramatically fell to the ground under the weight of an imaginary tackle from the nearby Andrew and then got up to rugby tackle him!!

Just before the match, I managed to catch a bit of the most important stage of the Tour de France on tv (in case you didn't know, I'm a cycling fanatic), though the others tended not to share my enthusiasm!
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