Uganda 08 diary - Day 5

Sat. 19th, day 5, saw us have some welcome time to chill out and relax after 4 very hectic and busy days.

The Black Jack club did get into full swing.

Though we did end up being invited to have an 11-a-side football match with some of the pupils, including members of their 1st XI. And after having had a long chat with a couple of budding musicians in the school, I offered our services with the preparation of Sunday's school Mass, which led to us being invited to the school choir rehearsal that evening. Our young friend and potential visitor to Liverpool, Allan Kazinda, had come to visit us for the weekend, so he joined in these activities with us. As he proved to be a very good footballer, he was certainly a welcome addition to Team Win!

Paddy wondering whether he should risk passing to Jack.

Yours truly got the opening goal and hit the woodwork, whilst Jack and Paddy also hit the woodwork and Simon made many superb, Reina-like saves in goal. Though in the end we lost on penalties, me being one of the 2 who missed. But, as you will see later on in the diary, this was not to be the last penalty shoot out.

Simon's Mum might be a bit shocked to see this... washing his own clothes!

With the school choir at their rehearsal. They taught us some of their songs and Mass parts (many in a Gospel style) and we taught them some of ours (including happy Song and Lord I Lift Your name On High). Together we planned the Mass for the next day. When they first started singing at the start of the rehearsal, it sent shivers down our spines. Such a big, open-throated, heartfelt sound with wonderful harmonies. It was very moving. The choir is directed by 2 very talented young men who are both in 6th Form but have never had any formal musical training (Music is not taught in their school as an academic subject). The keyboard player/accompanist Andrew (a most articulate, musically-talented and spiritual young man) played everything by ear in full two-handed accompaniment with no written music to follow. We promised to send them some extra music resources once we got back. In fact, I will be passing on a new guitar, guitar tutor books, hymn books with full musical accompaniment (and more...) to 2 Ugandan Brothers who I will be meeting in our Mother House in Ploërmel, France, next week (plus an equivalent set of resources for the school in Ibanda) and they will then take them back to Uganda and make sure they get to Kasasa.
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