Liverpool to La Salette - Day 6

Day 6 - Probably the most enjoyable day in terms of weather (warm with little wind, drizzle to start with, rain to finish), terrain (very hilly but beautiful) and my physical condition (pretty darn good, considering).

During breakfast with my friend Jean Collet (who, by the way, had come down to his farmhouse from Paris especially to put me up for the night) we spotted a deer in his large back garden. Jean was delighted. This had never happened in all the 20 years he'd owned the place.

Time to go...

I had Jean to thank for helping me choose a particularly picturesque route for today's riding that took me off the main road but avoided the worst of the very steep climbs in the Morvan region whose mountains rise up to over 900 metres (about as high as Mt. Snowdon in N. Wales).

Riding into the Morvan hills.

For lunch, a rarity... a sit-down meal, a pizza in fact. Made a change from my usual sandwiches, fruit juice/energy drinks and tubs of creamed rice. I couldn't resist having my favourite combination of ham, pineapple and anchovies, though the mild heartburn I got during a 6km climb that afternoon told me that the anchovies were maybe not such a good idea (I do love them though).

Rain came in during the last hour as I approached the village of Taizé and it's monastery made up of Christians from different denominations. After being welcomed and offered food by volunteers, I had just enough time to get washed a head for the church for Evening Prayer with the community (about 60 monks) and well over 100 people there on retreat.

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