Liverpool to La Salette - Day 5

Day 5 - By now I was heading past Paris (to the west) and into the Burgundy region. This day was notable for 3 things: the hilly terrain, the lack of wind at all in the afternoon (therefore no headwind for the first time since Liverpool!), the afternoon sunshine (I got nicely burnt) and arriving at the country farmhouse of my good friend and film mentor, Jean Collet (that's 4 things!.... never mind).

A striking morning skyline before the wind dropped and the skies cleared.

Jean is the reason why I now teach Film Studies A-Level. A renowned former French film critic, film producer, Sorbonne University lecturer, friend and biographer of the great director François Truffaut (who has a cameo role as the lead scientist in Spielberg's "Close Encounters"), in recent years Jean has taught at the Jesuit University faculty in Paris where I did 4 years of Theology and Philosophy from 1995 to 1999. The faculty offered various extra option courses (including film-related ones), all studied from a philosophical and/or theological perspective. A visiting Brother encouraged me to do a week-long film course with him at the start of my 4 years there and that was it... I was hooked. For the next 4 years I took every film course available and joined 2 once monthly film clubs that Jean ran in the Parisian suburbs. During those 4 years we became good friends and we have kept in contact ever since.

Cycling back across midnight Paris after our night-time film club sessions along quiet boulevards, everything lit up and shining... truly magical! Amongst my fondest memories of my 4 years of Parisian exile.

Now in his 70s, I try to meet up with Jean when I'm passing through Paris on my way to Brothers gatherings/meetings in Brittany.

Jean's farmhouse at Taingy (highest village in the Burgundy region), south-east of Auxerre. My washing hanging from the window!

Jean himself - an idyllic meal outdoors watching the setting sun.

Inside his farmhouse.
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