Sponsored cycle '08 - departure approaches....

Well, in 12hrs time I'll be (hopefully) getting out of bed in readiness for the start of my 8-day sponsored cycle for children in Uganda. Preparation has not been ideal, what with smashing my big toe nail (left foot) during a staff vs. Yr. 13 (18 year-olds) football challenge match last Monday, leaving my sock soaked in blood, then putting in extra hours preparing sound effects, backing tracks, etc... (all on my Mac using the Apple iLife GarageBand software which is a joy to use) for tonight's Performing Arts Dept. Beatles show, as well as long days of rehearsals this week. Oh and the Yr. 13 Leavers' mass this morning which, as Chaplain I have to organise, with music led by us in the staff/pupil worship band as usual (band + PA equipment being carried back + forth, upstairs and down...).

It's now 6.00pm. First break all day. Final packing of my bike bags. Tonight after the show (probably about 10.00pm), a quick little spin to check that the new wheels (which replaced old ones that were recently discovered to have rather worn hubs) are no longer making the worrying creaking sound that lead me to have to take the bike back 3 times in the past fortnight to my loyal mechanic in Quinn's bike shop. I should have done this earlier in the week, but my 'bleeding' toe and the show rehearsals conspired against me. I'll be VERY glad when the first day (c. 115 miles - Liverpool to Warwick) is out of the way.

I'll do my best to put a few blogs reports up during the 8 days and when I get back some photos. The way the route has panned out it has allowed me to spend nights with 4 sets of old friends en route (in England and France)... an unexpected grace bearing in mind that I chose my destination without thinking about where I would get accommodation.

Please pray for me, and with a little help from my friends ( :-) sorry, couldn't resist!) all will be well.

I hope to have a JustGiving.com charity page come online during the ride. If it does, I'll post up how you can make a donation to our fund for the 2 schools and an orphanage in Uganda.

God bless.

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