The new album from Delirious? - Kingdom Of Comfort

Those who know me know that I am a longtime fan of British Christian band Delirious?. Well, they've really surpassed themselves with their latest album, I feel. It has a focus, freshness and drive that is musically and spiritually invigorating, and it is their most consistently excellent set of songs. Martin Smith's vocals have never sounded better, Stew Smith's drumming (on his last studio album as a member of the band) is inspired. I've hardly stopped listening to the album this past week and find that I am not skipping even one track as I do so. Not a single weak track.

Lyrically the album follows on from "The Mission Bell" and "World Service" in terms of a call to action to stand up for what we believe in as Christians and live it out each day, but in the particular context of a world tour that took the band to some of the poorest places in the world in Africa and India.

If you click on the Video link above you will see and hear the band talking about these experiences and their influence on the record. The Music link will allow you to listen to 4 of the tracks on the album. The 2nd "Love Will Find A Way" is perhaps the most representative of the album as a whole.

For me personally there is the added bonus of hearing my backing vocals (and those of 2,500 other people) recorded at last November's gig in the Liverpool Anglican cathedral on the final track "My Soul Sings".

Current personal favourites include "Love Will Find A Way", "Stare The Monster Down", "My Soul Sings" and "Wonder", but this list may change within days, such is the overall standard.
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