Going back to the source...

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I love this chapel.... chapel? Well, actually, it's the size of some cathedrals. It is part of my congregation's Mother House in Ploërmel, Brittany. The tomb of our (co-) Founder, Fr. Jean-Marie De La Mennais has for some years now been situated to one side of this chapel.

I love going back to our Mother House (or Mother Ship as visiting groups of pupils that I have brought over for youth gatherings there from our Liverpool school regularly call it). It is a place of great history and resonance for us Brothers, but there is also a wonderful sense of calm and prayerfulness about the whole place.

I also love spending time with some of our retired (but still active) Brothers who live there, many of whom work each day in the extensive grounds of our property tending plants, trees, etc... Amongst them are many wonderful characters with tremendous stories to tell.


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