Some righteous anger?

Back to that blog debate with an atheist... the other day it got to the point where I'd had enough of being polite and reasonable. I boiled over when a particular person used a very offensive word to describe myself and another catholic. This was after having had a very amicable, friendly discussion with another atheist, so don't think I've got it in for non-believers!! :-)

Anyway, this was my reply, not that I'm necessarily proud of the tone of what I say, it does nevertheless address perhaps better than I have managed to do before some of the issues I get challenged with when in discussion with non-believers.

See here for the complete discussion thread.


"Yes OF COURSE the Church has throughout the centuries contained people who've got it badly wrong, committed atrocities even. WE CHRISTIANS ARE HUMAN BEINGS, for heaven's sake, not robots... imperfect, at times weak, forever sinners in need of conversion. Get over it!! And believe you me, we in my family know all about such matters... and yes, at times I feel tremendous anger towards those responsible. And yet I still believe in a loving God?? Madness, sheer madness.

But you know what? I am SO HAPPY in my madness in often makes me cry. My life as a Catholic and as a Brother has given me so much through so many wonderful people and experiences. I now see so much goodness in life, in people, which also makes me cry. The hidden gestures which never make the news, which are never quantified, which are never be held up against statistics which show that x number of heretics were burned under the authority of "Christian" monarchs.... The daily heroism and selflessness of ordinary people, Christians (and non-Christians). My madness has made me a better person, a more selfless one, a more caring one... broken and imperfect, but at least TRYING to always do the right thing....

Two photos from my first trip to Lourdes as a HCPT volunteer in 1986. The second photo shows Colin, a young Downs Syndrome boy feeding a girl with cerbral palsy. Observing the care and patience he showed with her made many of us cry.

You can throw all the mud you like at me (sexual abuse, crusades, inquisitions, just wars...). I see too much goodness despite all you can throw in my direction. I choose to focus on the light, the good in people, their potential for goodness....

What is your motivation for trying to debunk Christian belief and attack its devotees? Some kind of crusade? Wanting to save the world, make it a better place? Well, instead of wasting your time on this blog, why don't you turn your computer off, look outside your front door and reach out to individuals in need. Put your money where your mouth is.

If you already do that, well, fair play to you.

I've raised lots of money for various causes through 7 sponsored cycles over the last 15 years and I know so many other Christians who make such sacrifices DAILY, not just once every few years, eg. lay friends of mine who are volunteers in a centre for down-and-outs, alcoholics, drug addicts. One, aged 68, works 2 days and one night a week with these people. And he is by no means an exception.

Are atheists so squeaky clean morally? Come on, where's your EVIDENCE? Does your atheism make YOU a better person?"


I know that last bit is a bit provocative, but he kept on asking us for "evidence" to back up what we as Catholics believe in. So I just thought I'd throw the ball back into his court. It was noticeable that he did not take up the gauntlet in his perfunctory reply.

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