"Twin survives several abortion attempts, refuses to die..."

Thanks to American Papist: not your average Catholic for picking this up from the Daily Mail here in the UK. Two such beautiful children. I have to confess i shed a tear at the sight of them. A heart-warming, but at the same time disturbing story. The twin who they tried to kill will have to cope as he grows up with the knowledge that his mother authorised his murder, albeit for reasons that may have seemed convincing when put forward by the doctors. But somehow I think he will be alright thanks to the deep love that already seems to exist between him and his twin brother who, it would seem, was not prepared to let them kill his soul mate.

Here's part of the original article with American Papist's take on it:

"They say twins share a strong bond - but the one between Gabriel and Ieuan Jones was unbreakable.

When doctors found that Gabriel was weaker than his brother, with an enlarged heart, and believed he was going to die in the womb, his mother Rebecca Jones had to make a heartbreaking decision.

Doctors told her his death could cause his twin brother to die too before they were born, and that it would be better to end Gabriel's suffering sooner rather than later.

Mrs Jones decided to let doctors operate to terminate Gabriel's life.

Firstly they tried to sever his umbilical cord to cut off his blood supply, but the cord was too strong.

They then cut Mrs Jones's placenta in half so that when Gabriel died, it would not affect his twin brother.

But after the operation which was meant to end his life, tiny Gabriel had other ideas.
Although he weighed less than a pound, he put up such a fight for survival that doctors called him Rocky.

Astonishingly, he managed to carry on living in his mother's womb for another five weeks - until the babies were delivered by caesarean section.

Now he and Ieuan are back at home in Stoke - and are so close they are always holding each other's hand.

The reasoning given for trying to kill the weaker brother?
"It would be kinder to let him die in the womb with his brother by his side than to die alone after being born."
First of all, he wouldn't be alone. His family would be around him. His family would get to see him. His brother could still be at this side. How is it a kindness to cut off his umbilical cord in the womb?

At seven months, both boys are thriving at 15lbs and 12 1/2lbs respectively:

Mrs Jones said: "The boys are so healthy, they have huge appetites too. Ieuan is the noisy one, while Gabriel is always laughing, it's like he's just so happy to be here.
"There is such a strong bond between them.

"They are always holding hands and if one cries, the other reaches out to comfort him."

"Doctors tried to break their bond in the womb, but they just proved it couldn't be broken."

I would wish that mothers who are contemplating killing one of their twins for the good of the other to know about this story. Not to give them false hope, but to appreciate the dignity of a child who is all of 1lb. If a surviving infant can exhibit this kind of will to live, shouldn't every child be given the very best chance for life?
Perhaps doctors as well will see in this case a new medical procedure that might benefit other infants in this situation. And regardless, maybe they'll come to acknowledge the right of all children to as much life as can be reasonably provided them. The presumption is life, not death."

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