In response to the Catholic Rights blog article What is the Catholic Faith?

I agree wholeheartedly with John Kearney over at Catholic Rights when he talks about the current imbalance of interest on Catholic blogs over the debate about the Latin Mass and Pope Benedict's recent document on the matter. He rightly points out that the document produced by Bishop O'Donoghue on Catholic education deserves a much greater press coverage than it has been given (see Bishop O'Donoghue issues new teaching document for Catholic schools).

Here's the comment I left on John's blog:

The debates on the internet seem to be becoming more and more narrowly focused. Admittedly, the issue of the Extraordinary form carries with it far wider issues of Papal authority, obedience to Rome, etc... but it seems to me that that the kind of language used by many of those contributing comments (eg. on Holy Smoke) leaves a great deal to be desired in terms of the example it gives of Catholic action and personal morality. People should by all means speak out, but calling people such as our Bishops "satan's soldiers" (and the like), is that a better example of Catholic behaviour than disobeying the Pope? And what about the other pressing issues of daily living as Catholics, such as the education in the faith of our children?

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