Delirious? live @ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral tonight

Great gig with the D: boys (as usual). Some promising new material from
their forthcoming album, lots from "The Mission Bell" and a mixture of
classics. One of the high points came towards the end when Martin Smith
told us that the band were going into the studio Monday to record some
of the final tracks for the album and were looking for some backing
vocalists for one track in particular... that's where we came in!
Martin proceeded to teach us the chorus and got us to sing it back to
him a few times.

We seemed to get through it pretty well, but just at the end of the
take someone at the front of the audience shouted out and ruined the
take. Martin showed his sense of humour with a laugh and a comment:
"Someone near that guy just turn and give him a nice Christian punch in
the face!" He then encouraged us to give it another go but louder. The
results were actually much more impressive than the first time round.
Smithy then provided the pay-off: "Someone near that guy give him a big
kiss!" :-) - Promotional Pictures - The Mission Bell

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