Doh! - Day 20

Just realised that I said towards the start of the last entry (Day 19) that that was our "last day of the whole trip". I meant to say "last day working with Togolese children of the whole trip". We actually had another 3 days in Africa. The following day we took a taxi minibus from Kara back up through the north of Togo to the border with Burkina Faso, our gear again loaded on the roof and us squashed inside. But again the weather was kind to us... overcast, not too hot.
We met up with the French group at the border after a rather stressful hour or so sorting out entry visas to get into Burkina Faso for our Liverpool contingent. In the end the border control officers were very helpful (as all officials we met during the whole trip had been), but just the temporary uncertainty of whether or not there would be any problems was enough to increase the worry level (doesn't take too much in my case ! :-). 

Unfortunately, Britain has neither a Togolese embassy nor one for Burkina Faso. Bro. Francis had to go to Paris for 4 or 5 days on our behalf (poor guy!) to get us Togolese visas. He'd have had to stay an extra few days to get ones for Burkina Faso. We decided to get them at the border of the country itself partly also because they were half the price there.

Once in BF we got a coach to Ouagadougou, the country's capital and an enormous, sprawling, colourful place. The whole day's travelling took about 12 hours! Ouf!! We all felt rather weary by the time we got there.

2 vultures spied during a 'pit stop' in Burkina Faso. There must be a caption to add to this about the apparently missing head of the one on the left. Look carefully and you'll find it!
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