Day 19 - Fri. 27th (Part 1)

This was our last day in Kara. Energy levels were by now flagging, but spirits were still high. The end was now in sight as we were flying back home 3 days later. The morning was taken up with art + craft work (drinking straw butterflies), ball games (including a mini volleyball tournament and small group games) and some more songs and dances. There's nothing like a bit of competitive spirit to reignite energy levels. And that was certainly the case during the volleyball tournament (see below).

Making the butterflies.

Proudly displaying the finished articles

A ball game where you have to try and get the ball through the legs of the other people... with some keeping their feet much closer together than others!! Eg. Tom K. with his back to us.

John E. starring as a net post, Bro. Francis as referee.

The volleyball tournament proved very popular with mixed teams of English and Togolese together. But, when the Togolese youths challenged Team Win to a Togo vs. England match, the gloves came off... This was for real! Pride was at stake. Natural Scouse competitiveness came to the fore to override any abiding fatigue. Fans of both teams got heavily involved in proceedings, each team having a set of enthusiastic cheerleaders. Things didn't start well in the first set for Team Win. But, under the guidance of Paul H., we regrouped, gave each other plenty of encouragement and brought Bro. James off the bench (!!). It may have been pure coincidence, but we won the next 2 sets to take the match :-) The English cheers at the end showed how much this meant to the group and was a fine example of how well our English group worked and supported each other as a team throughout the whole trip. Our Togolese friends took defeat gracefully and with much good humour. I think they enjoyed the friendly but competitive spirit with which the match was played (just like the football matches we played at Mango).

Aerial athleticism shown by the boy on the far left, Tom K. doing a fine job as net post on the right.

Action shot of Megan.

Other photos from our last day with the children:

Bro. Francis showing his artistic talents by decorating his already stained knee with a little something extra! The stain came from a plastic bag in the lorry coming into contact with a knee covered in anti-mosquito spray. This spray did a fair bit of damage throughout the trip, eg. to people's wrist watches, including my plastic Casio whose strap eventually broke.

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