Day 13 cont.

Saturday afternoon's football matches were watched by what must have been in the end about 100 people. Initially, the main match was a Togo vs. an Anglo-French XI on their full size pitch, but in grass that hadn't been cut since the end of term (before the rains) and made passing a real lottery, even when you lifted the ball. The locals were far more at home and soon went 4-0 up. I told Akoh, the sports teacher and ref that it would be better if we had a smaller game across the bit of pitch that was cut, 6-a-side, like we had successfully done earlier in the week. So that's what we did. This ended up being a fiercely competitive, committed game between well-matched sides (and the occasional rolling sub). English players involved included Paul H. (centre forward), Josh B. (attacking midfielder), John E. (goalie - a rock!), Tom K. (defence) and me (defence). Andy R., who had been one of our stars earlier in the week I don't think played, but certainly deserved to. My old friend Bro. Romain turned out for the opposition and got a great reaction from the crowd when he scored. But, in the end the Anglo-French VI won through 5-3. So, one game each, honour shared. A great end to the festival activities with the children. But more was to follow that evening amongst the assembled Brothers (about 25) and the French and English teens.

This lad asked for my shoes after the game. What could I say? And yes, that is sweat from top to bottom!

Other photos from the Saturday with the children:

John E. + our little "angel", Solange (photo by Bro. Francis).

The new-look lightweight, shaven-headed Josh B.

The assembled Brothers including Novices, Scholastics and fully-professed Brothers, from Togo, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo, Haïti, Madagascar, France and England.

Our evening activities (songs, dances, games, etc..), led by the student Brothers, were centred around a ceremonial fire that a member of each group helped to light after a procession Olympics-style, all singing "Oh venez-là!" (Not "Oh vanilla!!", Michael) = "Oh come here!"....

Paul H., our flame-bearer.

There were party pieces from each group. The Rennes girls gave us the "Chic-a-chac-a" song/dance. A popular choice.

Bro. André amongst the dancers.
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