Day 12 - Fri. 20th

Day 12 cont.

By this time, John E. + Josh B. had decided they wanted to trim their hair. So they came to me and asked if they could borrow my beard trimmer which I also use to cut my own hair. John went for a Mohican look whilst Josh decided the all-over close cropped look would be safer. How wrong can you be! The trimmer's battery ran out with only 3/4s of the job done. Josh came running up to the Brothers' community 5 mins. away to get the charger from me but I was fast asleep enjoying my hard-earned siesta time and didn't hear (or more likely chose not to hear :-) him knocking. Poor Josh went away distraught and had to wear a cap to try and hide the damage for the next few hours. By evening the problem had been rectified, but not without much banter and gentle provocation at his expense from the group.

John E., aka Gulf War veteran Corporal John "Jarhead" Eyres!!

The softball games were going down really well with the local youngsters. And John E.'s new haircut seemed to inspire him to new levels of achievement in his batting (ie. he now managed to hit the ball! Sorry John, only kidding :-)

By Friday evening, all the French groups and some of the Brothers had arrived in readiness for the Festival weekend we were having at Mango. As the group already in situ, we were to be relied upon in terms of getting activities going on the Saturday with the local children who of course new us already but not the other groups.

We decided to make our presentations to the local boys and Brothers on the Friday evening while the other groups were settling in as this was to be the last time we would be with them on our own. As a reward to those who had been with us for the whole week's activities, we shared out the football tops that between us we had collected back in Liverpool. They went down a real storm. Many of the boys (and girls) came back wearing them on the Saturday and even to Mass on the Sunday.

Paul with the newly-founded Mango Everton Fan Club.

The school caretaker ("Le Guardien" - left) loved watching us with the children and so we encouraged him to join in with the games as much as possible. Mr. Akoh (right) used to love gently provoking us. He never got the chance to give Bro. Francis that red card! Both lovely people.
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