Day 3 - July 11th (updated with photos)

Just a quickie... lots to tell you... for now just to say that the flight to Togo went without incident. It's HOT... but winter for the locals... 27 deg at night! Coach from the airport to Aneho... 27 miles. We have beds, youth hostel style, in a Brothers' school 100 yrds from the beach... swimming forbidden due to strong currents.

Bro. Francis proudly showing off his mosquito net

This morning a visit to the local tribal King!!!! (ie. equivalent of the Lord Mayor (but with more powers). Very impressive man. His ancestor, the first king, came to study in England. He named parts of his palace New London + Liverpool!!!! Loved our City Of Culture gifts. We are now all Princes + Princesses in his kingdom :-). More to follow.....

King Lawson VIII with us and some of the French group


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