Vocations - what is your calling?

The following is an article I wrote for a recent edition of our school newsletter:

Vocations Sunday, April 29th 2007

To mark this day I have spoken at assemblies for Years 7-11 these past few weeks on the theme of vocations, or what it means to have a particular "calling" from God. I mentioned to them the following web site which contains a personal testimony I wrote about my own vocation or calling as a Brother: www.calledtoday.com (appears here in an earlier blog entry).

Remember to try and work out which of the 5 characters I am! :-) The names and physical appearance of the 5 real life people have been changed, don't forget. You need to go to the button on each of their pages that invites you to read their story.

God wants all of you
a) to be happy and fulfilled in whatever you do in life, and
b) to use your talents, skills, energy to make life better for others, whether it be as a builder, a doctor, a fireman, a teacher, a Brother, or whatever.
It's up to you to try and find out what is best for you. A little daily prayer to God, telling him about how things are going (and maybe an Our Father or Hail mary) will go a long to way to help you discover in your heart the path you should take in life. To get to know someone you need to spend time with them. Maybe start going to Mass a bit more regularly with the aim of trying to train your "inner ear" to hear more clearly what God is calling you to through his Spirit inside you.

I pray that you may all find your special calling and so find happiness and help others to find happiness too.

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