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Tenth Avenue North - Cathedrals: Day 2 • Devotional

I've recently been reading, reflecting and praying through an excellent series of daily devotionals put together by one of my favourite bands, Tenth Avenue North, primarily their singer, Mike Donehey, to accompany one of their albums from a few years ago, Cathedrals. You can find it on the YouVersion Bible app and website http:/en-GB/reading-plans/1266-tenth-avenue-north-cathedrals-the-overflow-devo.
Here's the devotional for Day 2 of the series.
Tenth Avenue North - Cathedrals: Day 2 • Devotional
Maybe it's because I just finished Jack London's epic novel, "The Sea Wolf," but lately I've found my mind drifting to island images of shipwrecked castaways. I imagine a marauded group being rescued by a nameless vessel. Old ropes have been let out, and haggard survivors wearily hoist themselves up over the rails. Cold and exhausted, this group of worn down survivors sit on the deck of the swaying boat. Everyone's knees are up against their c…

Another devotional, this time from Liz Milani @ Pocket Fuel

I've been storing up draft blog posts for a while without getting round to editing and publishing them. I feel quite guilty about that, actually. So, apologies for what is now going to be a slew of posts appearing in the next day or two. Thanks Sr. Silvana for the kick up the derrière!!
Here's the Liz Milani devotional that I wanted to share on the topic of loving oneself as well as others. Lots of sound spiritual wisdom here.
I'm not sure which is more challenging, loving yourself or loving others.Loving your Self often gets labelled as conceited, or arrogant, or self-indulgent. Then there's the idea running around that your Self is wicked and not to be trusted, and how could you possibly love your Self that needs saving from itself? (we'll talk about this in a series to come, but for now, I'll say this: The Christ doesn't save you FROM yourself or from hell; The Christ saves you TO yourself which is a heavenly place to live from.)Loving others is fraught wi…