Haiti 2015 - Day 7 (27th)

Monday saw us again working with the group of 10-11 yrs. old primary school pupils. By now they had been introduced to our variety of introductory song and dance routines: YMCA, I Am The Music Man, Macarena, Cha Cha Slide and Papa Mola, all of which they joined in with wholeheartedly, as much if not more so than on any other Team Win trip...

...in this case the Macarena.

We decided to swap around our activities again... team games (football, obviously! They are the most football mad of any youngsters we've come across on any Team Win trip) on the pitch in the morning followed by card games and smaller group games, then arts and crafts in the afternoon and more bat and ball games for those who could brave the heat.

The view across the playing fields at St. Louis de Gonzague primary school, Delmas.

Bookmarks that became head dresses.


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