A top tune from 2013 to start off 2014

I'm sitting here in our Paris community where I lived for 4 years whilst studying back in the 1990s. I'm on my way back from a few days in Brittany at our annual study session, followed by a Provincial Council meeting and a couple of days break afterwards. As is always the case at this time of year various websites magazines produce their top 10 lists for the year that has just finished. I received one such email from a Christian music site today (New Release Tuesday) and I have started exploring some of the bands mentioned in it that are unfamiliar to me, starting with the number one choice of this website for 2013 ,an album by a young Christian pop band called Royal Tailor. They sound very much like a cross between OneRepublic and Michael Jackson, not normally a style that would immediately attract me. However the first song that I have just listened to from their latest album kind of blew me away. Yes the chord progression in the chorus is that familiar 1-5-6-4 we all know and love, but the lyrics seem sincere and heartfelt, speaking to me directly. More importantly it's got a great tune, the singer has a tremendous voice and the overall effect is one of prayerful, uplifting joy. It won me over pretty quickly and I can't stop listening to + praying along to it.

Hope you like it too.

Here's the official video (with lyrics):

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