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"Captured" by The Digital Age + start of year school Masses.

"I've never felt more found, than when I'm lost in you.”

"Captured" by "The Digital Age" (i.e. 4/6ths of the now defunct David Crowder Band). Can't stop playing this today. Great video, great song. Got to do this with the Manics (staff band) at a school Mass methinks.

Talking of school Masses, it’s been great to get such a positive responsefrom the pupilsin the 4 year group Masses we’ve had so far since the start of term after 4 years away from St. Francis Xavier’s. A very prayerful atmosphere in each year group Mass with moments of fun + participation in Happy Song, etc… Using the digital projector for the words/responses/readings, etc… means much less rustling of sheets and I think greater attentiveness in general.

And it’s been great to rejoin my former band colleagues from the Manic Street Teachers. Singing + playing “ Rain Down” for the first time in 4 years the other week, it felt like I had never been away. We just need to get some pupils to jo…

A summer full of activity - part 1

What a last six months it has been! Sorry I've not posted anything on here for a good while, but so much has happened and time has just flown by.

The main event during that time has been the closing of our community in Southampton and Bro. Francis and myself moving back to Liverpool. Francis and I had spent many years there at our school St Francis Xavier's College, Francis being Head there for 25 years. He came down to our school in Southampton when he retired in 2004, though he was obliged to take over as temporary Head in Southampton for a couple of years. I came down to my home town and my old school 4 years ago.

We will continue to support the school there St. Mary's College + Charlton House, of which we remain the owners and trustees. The College has moved into the ground floor of our former community house, turning some of the rooms into offices and creating a new reception for the school. We are delighted that the school can make use of what is a marvellous old build…