A trip down memory lane for Br. Francis

via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/YV96d2DzqF/

A couple of weeks ago, just after Easter, I offered to take Br. Francis on a drive around some old haunts of his childhood that I frequently pass when out cycling in the countryside to the northeast of Southampton: Longwood (nr. Owslebury), Longwood estate (his father was at one point a groundsman on Longwood estate and the family lived in a lodge house on the edge of the estate), Owslebury Primary School, Kingsworthy (nr. Winchester, where his family moved to while he was still quite young)...

Francis hadn't been back around those parts since he was a boy. It was nice to give him this opportunity to reconnect with his childhood before we (the Brothers' community in Southampton) leave to return to Liverpool in the summer.

Some more Instagram-ed photos to follow...

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