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Togo 2012 - Day 12

Our last full day's activities...

Our final day saw us take a drive with Frère François to visit a centre that looks after young women who have got caught up in the sex trade. It was set up by a community of nuns who were known to Fr. François from his experiences in the capital Lomé. These nuns used to live next door to the Brothers there. François has helped them to build and fund this young women's refuge. He still keeps in regular contact with them and continues to do work for them. Many of the young women come to the "big city", the capital Lomé, to study or to get a job. But, such dreams turn quickly into nightmares for many young women. In Lomé and elsewhere in Togo there are charities that seek to rescue such girls and young women from the sex trade and then place them in centres like the one run by the sisters.   

The welcome ceremony on our arrival at the centre.

While we were there we volunteered to clear this rough ground of all the larger loose stones and…

The Shadow Self

A text by my sister...
The Shadow Self From Hurt to Healing - Mo Artwork by Rita LoydThe Shadow SelfThere is nothing outside of me to be afraid of any more - it is inside of me.But if it is inside me -I can control it.  If it is inside me -I can repair it.  If it is inside me -I can console it!I can be safeI can create safeI can live safeI can!
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A few thoughts from a Games Maker

After all the build up and preparation, it's hard to believe that it's all over. London 2012... what can one say that hasn't already been said? Uplifting, life-affirming, joyous, celebratory... all this and so, so much more. From a personal point of view I have loved every minute of both the Olympics and the Paralympics: the former as a Chaplain at the Olympic Games Sailing Village in Weymouth, the latter as a couch potato supporter back here in Southampton. As a volunteer I was invited to the final rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony. That in itself was one of the most memorable things I have ever and will ever experience. 

Here are a few snaps (courtesy of Instagram on my iPhone):

And here's a little info about what life was like in Weymouth:

There were various other groups of volunteers and salaried workers providing services in the village (e.g. catering, security, recreation, residential operations, IT/computers, polyclinic, etc…). With our room being next door to the…