Togo 2012 - Day 7

So, back to the Togo trip....

On day 7 we finally managed to get organised the much-anticipated, extensively hyped, full 11-a-side match with the older children of La Pierre du Pauvre orphanage. The latter team wore Liverpool tops that 2 of our Scouse members had brought down with them (Paddy was most certainly not one of them!) and we wore a mixture of light coloured tops that were aslo amongst the many large bags of football tops that we had collected and brought with us to donate to the orphanage and 2 other places we visited once we returned to Lomé on the coast later in the trip. 

Quite a sizeable crowd gathered to watch an end-to-end spectacle of flowing, one-touch football ("yeah, right!" :-) that saw us run out 2-1 winners. Although some of the local boys certainly punched above their weight when it came to their energetic tackling, the match was played in a very good spirit.

Later that day, basking in the glory of our victory. 

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