Togo 2012 - more photos

Here are the promised photos, uploaded during the night:

Day 1 cont.: The welcome ceremony 

Day 2: At Foyer 1 in town, waiting for the lorry to take us the 15 km out to Foyer 2 where the 72 younger children live out in the countryside. 

 The usual array of taxi motobikes.

The welcome ceremony at Foyer 2. As with the ceremony the night before at Foyer 1 (where the older children live) musical accompaniment to the songs sung by the children was provided by a group of highly talented young percussionists. As a Music teacher and son of a semi-professional drummer, I find the rhythms (polyrhythms) of such

 Ball games outdoors, and crown-making indoors... JD + Mary helping children with their crowns.

 Katie + Chris doing likewise.

 Frisbee games.

 Teaching them the Macarena. It proved to be very popular, especially with the older girls who would, for example, break into a spontaneous version of the dance on the touchline during our main 11-a-side match later in the week.

 Mango trees that our group were invited to plant back in 2007. It was quite moving to see how they had grown.

 Alex with a new friend.

 Mary with some friends of her own.

 Alex taking on a 12 yr.-old at arm-wrestling :-).

 Back at base, the previous day's storm had woken up many of the insects. Yes, these are VERY big ants.

 Day 3: At Foyer 1, Paddy + Ben with Boriss, the son of the Foyer Director and his wife, our cook. A real little character.

 Christos learning some phrases in Kabiye from Xavier and Paul, both in their early 20s.

 Off to Foyer 2 again, beginning with a range of arts & crafts including friendship bracelets...

 ... and decorating wooden spoons to make them into dolls.

 Tickling games... Anthony + friend.

 Jordan + friend.

Team Win! buzzing after a successful 2nd day at Foyer 2, which finished with the mixed teams football match mentioned in the article last week.
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