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Downhere - new album next month

One of my favourite bands, Dove award-winning Canadian Christian group Downhere, have a new album out soon. There are lots of things I love about their songs. They manage to maintain that delicate balance between their songs being accessible and uplifting (at times hymn-like) and yet unpredictable and artistic (in the sense of creative musical arrangements with little twists that take you somewhere new musically...), without being on the one hand cheesy and on the other overly virtuosic (just for the sake of it). Their lyrics are direct, genuine, heartfelt. As for the 2 singers, Marc Martel + Jason Germain, a lot has been said about how well they complement each other. Well, it's very true. They are very different, and yet blend so well.Here's last year's "You're not alone":
And from the forthcoming album, "On The Altar Of Love"...Downhere's music video for the song, "Let Me Rediscover You"Click here for Downhere's website.