"In the shelter of each other we will live" - "The Shelter" by Jars Of Clay

This US band that I first listened to back in about 1997 were one of the first modern era Christian bands to breakthrough into the mainstream. I've bought each of their albums since then, all of which have had great individual tracks, but their latest album "The Shelter" surpasses anything else they have done, in my opinion.

It has so many standout tracks and is an album that also feeds me spiritually. There is a genuineness and a focus to the lyrics across the album that give it a real coherence. It is a wonderful album to listen to and I thoroughly recommend it. Of the standout tracks, the above one is that which I have listened to the most, and which I hope to perform at a school Advent Festival concert in early December with my pupil worship band and the school Choir which I have had to take over running this year. Can't wait. Gives me a buzz every time I sing it to myself... and not because of my performance!!!
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