"Silence In The City" - starting Fri. Oct. 22nd on BBC 2

This promises to be very good. It's by the same team that produced "The Monastery" (Big Brother meets Benedictine monasticism), with former Abbot Christopher Jamison (Worth Abbey) again a prime mover behind the project.

I had an e-mail from Fr. Luke at Worth the other day saying that the BBC have at last confirmed the dates of its airing. It will be broadcast in 3 parts (like The Monastery), starting on Fri. Oct. 22nd at 7pm, the other 2 parts airing on the subsequent Fridays. One to put in your diary!

Here's the blurb from the BBC website:


Father Christopher Jamison, the Abbot of Worth, emerged as the key figure in the BBC Two series The Monastery broadcast six years ago. He believes that if people can learn to be silent they can communicate with God, and rediscover their souls.
In a new three-part documentary series, Silence In The City, five people attempt to put silence at the heart of their everyday, busy lives and learn what to do with it once it's there.
The series investigates just why "peace and quiet" is so elusive, and in doing so opens up a debate about why some people try to avoid silence because of the reflection that it may bring. Do people construct layers of noise, or "busy-ness" to dull the anxieties of the modern world? Silence In The City looks at what might happen to the inner self when people keep quiet.
Featuring a number of individuals on the verge of making crucial life decisions, Silence In The City asks whether the power of prayer can help them change their lives.

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