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After the entertaining tv science documentary series "Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking" on Discovery in the UK (and other channels worldwide), the US is starting to show "Through The Wormhole" a.k.a "Into The Universe With Morgan Freeman". Morgan Freeman? Turns out he is a space enthusiast and co-producer of the series. This first episode looks at the origins of the universe in relation to the God question.

I'm hoping that this will be shown in the UK soon (probably on Discovery Science).

Viewing Alert: New Series "Through the Wormhole"

Written by Nancy Atkinson

For those lucky enough to get the Science Channel on cable or satellite, there's an exciting new series called "Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman" hosted and produced by, as you might guess, Academy Award-winning actor and space enthusiast Morgan Freeman. The new series explores some of the greatest mysteries of the universe and Freeman starts off with a bang: the first episode is called "Is There a Creator?" Freeman himself said in an article on CBS News, "It is hard for me to get my mind wrapped around the idea that there is an extra, corporal – shall we say, intelligence – that controls everything."

Freeman will cover other big topics in the series such as Are we alone? Where did we come from? Is there life on other planets? From the latest work at NASA and private enterprise facilities to the latest theories from academics and researchers, this series looks at black holes, colonizing the planets, string theory and
"Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman premieres Wednesday, June 9 at 10pm ET on the Science Channel. 
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