"Shutter Island" - M. Scorcese

I went to see Scorcese's "Shutter Island" the other night. Whilst I am not a paid-up member of the S.A.S. (Scorcese Adoration Society), I do find his films interesting even when flawed and he is undoubtedly one of the most influential directors of his generation.

Before going to see it i wrote on my Facebook page, "going to see Shutter Island tonight. L. DiCaprio's character loses the plot. I hope Scorcese hasn't! :-)"

Well, I must admit, until the last half hour I thought Scorcese HAD lost the plot... over-wrought, clichéd B-movie fodder with DiCaprio trying too hard... But then it started to dawn on me what was really going on and then when the twist came, it made complete sense of everything that I thought was wrong with the film and I came out thinking, "Yeah, you really had me going there. Fair play." Liked it lots, but will have to see it again to better appreciate the first 2 thirds. And in hindsight, DiCaprio is actually very good.

'Shutter Island' Trailer HD

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