"2008 Voices"

On Tues. Nov. 18th, a musical event took place in Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral in the presence of Archbishop Kelly and Bishop Malone: "2008 Voices". This was a celebration of the Church's musical heritage involving over 2,000 primary and secondary school singers and musicians from all over the archdiocese, performing 12 hymns and religious songs in differing styles: from traditional choral hymns to Gospel, African spiritual, Taizé chant and modern Christian rock.

I had been involved in the organisation of the event over the past year as part of an Archdiocesan committee. This team had a strong representation from St. Bartholomew Parish Choir, Rainhill, and these hard-working souls ensured that all the background admin in preparation for the event got done very efficiently (thanks guys!). My job was more specifically related to the hymns/music itself and the performance on the day. I helped lead a backing band for about half the pieces, made up of members of our Yr.11 band "Off Target" and two staff colleagues (Mr. Flowers + Miss Manning). The College Choir, under the direction of Head of Music Miss Anderson, helped lead the singing for most of the items.

Two Off Target members: David + Jack.

Two representatives from our Uganda + Togo Educational Project trips who are members of the Choir (Andrew Rowan + Michael McNamee) helped me lead the massed children in the singing of the rock-inflected worship songs, ("Happy Song" and "Rain Down") and also stood on the altar steps to help teach the actions to "Lord I Lift Your Name On High". Both "Happy Song" (with the 2,000+ children screaming "Yee-ha!!") and "Lord I Lift Your Name" went down so well that we were asked to do encores for each one. Even the Archbishop and Bishop joined in the actions as you can see below!

The new Church hierarchy boys band: "Glorious" :-)

Archbishop Patrick was very pleased with the way things went (and was particularly pleased with Glorious' new dance routine - only joking!)

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