Uganda 08 diary - Day 14: part 1, last day at Ibanda

Well, it's been a very busy last few weeks, what with doing lots of translation work (French to English) for our Congregation's new magazine, La Mennais Magazine, and of course celebrating my 40th birthday!! which required me to attend a couple of meal celebrations that did end up going on a long time... a real bind, you know! ;-)

Anyway, here's another blog bit.


Day 14 was our last in Ibanda before going back to Kisubi near the capital Kamapala for the last 2 days. So we tried to fit as much into the one day as possible. I think we did pretty well, but it means there's too much stuff for one article. So here's the first part.

We were asked by one of the Brothers if we would like a tour during the morning around the enormous school property and its farm.

Team Win! go exploring. Note the seriously big palm trees.

Francis leading the way.

Some innocent, inquisitive pork-flavoured friends about to be cruelly taunted by Giant Jack T. with shouts of "Bacon!!". They scattered quite dramatically at the sound. Poor things. Anyone any ideas of possible captions for this?

One of the farm workers stripping the skins off the matoke (savoury bananas) ready for cooking.

Later that morning, we headed back to the orphanage for one last hilarious and moving session with the children. They seemed to have relaxed by now in our company and enjoyed taking part in the games and songs we proposed for them. There were some real little characters amongst them. It was lovely to see our teens so at ease with them. I think you'll see that from these photos:

Sean Mc D.

Paddy B., recently chosen as our new Head Boy in school. Congratulations! :-)

And Kathryn D. is our new Head Girl. Congratulations part 2!! ;-)

Joe W.

That afternoon we had one last discussion lesson with some of the pupils, at the end of which many asked us for our school's address so that they could get pen pals. I hope to be setting this up for them with some R.E. classes in the next few weeks now that I have some more free time.

More to follow...
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