Uganda 08 diary - Day 9... goodbye to Kasasa, hello to Ibanda

It was time to say goodbye to Kasasa and move on to our next port of call in Ibanda, a few hours drive to the north-west. The proposed route gave us the chance to drive through one of the smaller National Parks in Uganda (Lake Mburo Park) and hopefully have a chance to see some wild animals that would normally be too afraid of humans (who would kill them for meat) to come anywhere near villages or towns.

But before showing you some of the wild animals we encountered, here are some "Bro. James' Nature Watch" photos from our week in St. Charles Lwanga School, Kasasa.

Moo! The school has its own large herd of cattle, as well as pigs, poultry and goats.

Chickens and cocks resting in the shade at Kankobe Orphanage.

One of the many lizards, this one a baby.

Not exactly a "nature watch" shot, but I missed this out from a previous day's diary entry and I rather like it.
Sean sharing a joke with Sophie.

Bro. Francis and a dormant termite colony.

On a walk around the grounds of St. Charles Lwanga with Bro. Francis, looking off into the distance. All of what you can see (and much beyond) belongs to the school.

The Noviciate community garden at Kasasa.

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