New Year break in our community at Bordères-Louron in the Pyrénées (France).

My good friend Bro. Henri Rivoalen invited me to take a much needed break in his community down in the south of France. This is the Brother who converted me to long-distance, fast-paced cycling (especially Pyreneen mountain cycling) and mountain hiking during my Noviciate (first year of training) in 1990. He was my group's Assistant Novice Master.

Here's a first set of photos from my 5 days there over the New Year.

Henri introduced me to the joys of cross-country skiing, ie.uphill as weel as down!.

These were taken during my second of 2 days skiing with him. As you can see, we were blessed with glorious weather, allowing us to take in the wonderful scenery.

Henri - friend + mentor

The view from Henri's community (at 845 metres altitude).
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