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Oh the relief...!! (or "Ouf!! as they say in France). I've been spending a fair bit of time these last few days updating my web site with some new material (much of which appeared first here on the blog) and also making the transfer from iWeb 1 to iWeb 2 (= the software that comes with Apple's iLife suite. They've just released an upgrade - see here). A few teething problems in the transfer led me to panic a bit (pages not appearing correctly formatted in the browser)... but all is now well, as much through trial and error as with judgement!

On the software front, I've started using a browser called Flock which is tailor-made for those who have Facebook, YouTube and Blogger accounts, and many more... It's based on the Firefox code, I think, but goes much further in terms of Web 2.0 integration. Certainly one to have a look at.

And of course, how could I leave out the launch of Apple OSX Leopard, their upgraded operating system which just knocks the spots (sorry! :-) off Vista. It has some truly innovative features such as Quick Look, and others just have appeared elsewhere (eg. Spaces) but are just so well integrated into the system. My copy should arrive in a few days.

Apple as a company do have some strange practices, but their products are quite remarkable.

(This was written on a MacBook Pro :-)
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