Padre Pio - can a fake still lead so many people to God?

This article in The Times investigates whether or not Padre Pio was a fake in the light of recent "revelations".

Can a fake still lead so many people towards a closer relationship with God? My mother has had a quiet but strong and devout devotion to Padre Pio for all her adult life (now 79) without ever having met him and I would consider her a true living saint (though I am probably biased).

Judge people on their fruits. I think Medjugorje should be thought of similarly. Can fake visionaries (who must therefore be "in it" just for self-agrandisement) really be such catalysts for the return to faith and inner healing of so many people?

I agree with John, one of the comment posters on the web site. There must be "something going on there that involved God".

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