Traditional Catholicism (2)

Having reflected some more on the question, I think that one of our toughest challenges will be to not only stretch out a hand beyond the boundaries of Church to those on the fringes, but to also stretch out the other way, in love, to those who have a deep and sincere love of the more formal traditions within the Church and who find in them their strength. Myself as a Chaplain, I have to be very aware of this and not allow my own instinctive attractions to particular types of faith expression not come between me and my ministry to teenagers and young adults.

I have to accept in humility that these people have a great deal that they can teach me through the depth of their faith, its simplicity and directness which in itself is so admirable.

I've found a book that I've ordered for myself. You can read some of it from the Amazon web page.
The New Faithful: why young adults are embracing Christian orthodoxy
by Colleen Carroll
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