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The Monastery Revisited

I'm on a roll!!!! No posts for months, now 3 in 2 days!! That's what happens when I at last get to stay in my community during a school holiday. Doesn't happen too often :-)

Calling all fans of BBC 2's 2005 reality series "The Monastery" (see earlier posts). There is a "Monastery Revisited" programme due to air on BBC 2 (UK) next Weds. 7th June, followed by the start of a 4-part series looking this time at the life of contemplative nuns: "The Convent" (sounds like jumping on the bandwagon, but let's see what it's like).


Sorry about the mix-up with the photos on the last message.... had to redo things a few times. Can't access Compose mode in the Mac OSX "Safari" browser. Ended up using "Firefox" which works fine. :-) God bless.

World Youth Day Part 2

World Youth Day 2005: journal, part 2 (Days 5-10)

(for Part 1 see below)

Day 5 - Mon. Aug. 15th: Burgebrach to Wesseling by coach
Sore heads after night boogieing with the locals at the Firemen's party in Burgebrach? Check.
Sleep depravation? Check.
A nice quiet, relaxing 5-hour coach journey to recharge the batteries before the final enslaught of activites over 5 days in and around Cologne and Bonn? Err, no.

Yes, this was the coach journey from hell (for tired people with sore heads, that is). 5 hours of unremitting jolity, songs, shouts, jokes and impersonations (mostly in a language we didn't understand) from a group of truly lovely Indian people who just happened to be celebrating that day the anniversary of Indian independance from.... yes, you guessed it, Great Britain!!! God really does have a sick sense of humour :-). Obviously my brain had been addled by the stress of such an experience, because when we got off the coach in Wesseling, my guitar stayed on it (or at least unt…